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Harnessing Corporate Knowledge In A Time of Digital Disruption

The entry to the market of disruptive “born digital” companies has both changed consumers’ expectations and disrupted incumbents’ business models, paving the way for a generalized Digital Transformation momentum across companies worldwide. At the heart of this disruption lies a superior ability to analyze data and to continuously deliver actionable information and superior customer experiences. This is the reason why 94% of European IT and Line of Business leaders say they understand today the value of information.

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Vmoso – Where Knowledge Management Meets Mobile Collaboration

vmoso-knowledgemgntAs work becomes increasing more collaborative, employees everywhere must tap into corporate knowledge at any time. Knowledge management, a key component of corporate competitive advantage, has been difficult to implement because it has required employees taking time after a project or discussion to file it away in the KM system. No one could figure out how to systemically turn information into corporate knowledge. Today’s dispersed workforce and frequent job changing makes successful knowledge management difficult…until now.

Revolutionizing the Airline Industry with Improved Communication and Collaboration

revolutionizing_the_airline_industry_white_paperCommercial airlines employ 8.7 million people and support an additional 50 million more workers, in offices and airports around the globe, and they move three million passengers per day over 100,000 flights.

The result is millions of people disconnected, yet interconnected in their jobs. This does not include the millions of packages and cargo transported on commercial and non-commercial planes. Problems arise every day, from small mechanical issues, to flight cancellations due to weather, to mixed-up reservations, to lost luggage and packages.

Regardless, airline colleagues must communicate with each other to make the best of all situations and delight their customers.

Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Communication and Collaboration for Insurance Companies and their Insureds

collaboration_for_insurance_white_paperIt is not easy for a general insurer to foster close relationships with their customers. Even calling the customer “policyholder” seems to put distance between them. After all, as consumers, insurance is something we buy, but never hope to use. And when we do use it and make a claim, it is in stressful conditions following an incident we hoped would never happen.

Yet change is happening. Driven by the threat and opportunity that recent technologies and changing consumer expectations are creating, insurance companies have opportunities to strengthen the relationship and partner with policyholders. This white paper examines the background to this, and describes how a new approach to high touch customer engagement leverages that change.

Using Communication and Collaboration Technology to Keep Construction Projects On Schedule and On Budget

keeping_construction_projects_on_schedule_white_paperBuilding any complex structure brings together a diverse team of experts, professionals and craftsmen. How do you engage everyone working together when they are loosely connected and in dispersed locations? Each comes from a different perspective, with unique skills, who are challenged to collaborate through an extended network of systems and “my way of doing things” mentality.

The need to effectively communicate and collaborate, from day one, is essential towards staying on schedule and on budget and ensuring the project is completed to the required specifications and quality standards.






Moving Beyond Email

beyond_email_white_paperLate in 2014 Our Social Times ran a series of webinars around the theme of The Future of Business Communications. The first in the series, titled Moving Beyond Email, analysed the challenge facing organisations that are seeking to wean themselves off email communications. The second, A Practical Guide to the Mobile Revolution, examined the impact of mobile usage and technology on enterprise communication.

This white paper is a detailed write-up of the discussion from the first webinar, Moving Beyond Email, with additional facts, quotes and comments sourced from industry practitioners and media.