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Clearvale-Social Network Integration

BroadVision Announces VmosoBot for Slack: Providing Slack User Access to Vmoso Big Knowledge

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Dec. 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq:BVSN), a leading provider of business communication, collaboration and knowledge management solutions, today announced VmosoBot for Slack: an extension to its popular team mobile-centric collaboration and knowledge management platform Vmoso, to enable greater collaboration across enterprise teams and diverse tools.

Vmoso Slack Integration brings a host of features to extend the reach of team collaboration not only across disparate locations, but now also via multiple collaboration channels: replicating Slack channels in Vmoso Spaces and Chats, allowing bi-directional comments, and the ability to add Slack documents as bookmarks within Vmoso, as well as streamlining information flow even when the information originates from another system. Specifically, through VmosoBot, Slack users can now collaborate directly via email with external users who have not registered with Vmoso or Slack.

Vmoso Slack Integration also brings the power of Big Knowledge to Slack conversations turning them into a valuable and persistent knowledge base through the integration with Vmoso.

The integration of Vmoso with tools such as Slack demonstrates BroadVision’s vision to bring teams together through collaboration and knowledge sharing, regardless of their location, or their device, and now even their collaboration workspace.

BroadVision CEO, Dr. Pehong Chen commented, “We recognize the problems faced by organizations with multiple teams potentially using different collaboration tools and we are addressing that with this powerful integration, bringing the conversations from the whole organization into one accessible location to better enable those teams to work together and collaborate cohesively.”

Watch our overview video to understand more about Vmoso Slack integration.

VmosoBot for Slack is now available on Slack App Directory.

BroadVision Sets Date to Announce Third Quarter Results

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BroadVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:BVSN), a leading provider of e-business and engagement management solutions, today announced that it will release its third quarter 2016 financial results on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, at approximately 1:30PM Pacific Standard Time (PST).

In addition, the company will host an Investor/Analyst conference call at 2:00PM PST. Dial-in information is: +1 (888) 771-4371, with pin code 43688649#. Callers outside North America should call +1 (847) 585-4405 to be connected. These numbers can be accessed 15 minutes before the call begins, as well as during the call. Company executives will review financial results and discuss the state of BroadVision’s business during the call.

About BroadVision 
Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ:BVSN) provides e-business solutions that enable the enterprise and its employees, partners, and customers to stay actively engaged, socially connected, and universally organized to achieve greater business results. BroadVision solutions — including Vmoso for virtual, mobile, social business collaboration and knowledge management and Clearvale for enterprise social networking — are available globally in the cloud via the Web and mobile applications.

Visit www.BroadVision.com for more details.

BroadVision Contact:

Peter Chu 
Investor Relations 
(650) 295-0716 x7177 

BroadVision Announces Vmoso Keystone Release



Key Modules Include Big Knowledge, Process Management, Integration Bot, and Management Center


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 29, 2016 — BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN), a leading global provider of digital business transformation solutions, today announced a major incremental release of its flagship Vmoso platform with a wide range of new functionality across several key modules, including:


  • Vmoso Big Knowledge (VBK). Leveraging Vmoso’s patented “single source of truth” architecture, VBK empowers any enterprise knowledge, whether internal or external to Vmoso, to be captured and retained at its source, which in turn can be easily shared to and effectively attained by all colleagues for making timely decisions and correct actions, delivering compelling insights and ensuring business continuity.


  • Vmoso Process Management (VPM). Unifying structured workflow with unstructured collaboration, VPM provides an extensible framework to transform stodgy PC-centric business processes into a highly engaging mobile-centric experience for each participant, driving clear workforce accountability and sustainable operating efficiency.


  • Vmoso Integration Bot (VIB). Architected as an open system, Vmoso offers 500+ RESTful APIs to access every aspect of the system.  VIB preconfigures a number of essential APIs into a reusable framework, from which all enterprise activities can be integrated into a “universal inbox”, personalized for each user, via either Vmoso itself or as embedded in any external sources, such as existing PC or mobile apps/portals, systems of record, Internet of Things (IoT), etc.   This fosters a holistic and high-impact collaborative environment, resulting in superior user experience, unprecedented knowledge retention, and accelerated business cycle time.  Initial VIB instances include DocuSign, Exchange/Outlook, Google-Drive, Gmail, Redmine, Salesforce, SharePoint, Slack, SugarCRM, Watson, WeChat, etc.


  • Vmoso Management Center (VMC). Optimized for enterprise-wide account management, user/service provisioning/billing, data/content policy & compliance, etc., VMC allows an organization to manage, monitor, and support users and their usage at both global and local levels under both public and private cloud installations.   Specifically, intranet/extranet hybrid use cases involving internal users only vs. internal/external user combinations can be provisioned but safeguarded within the same site via VMC, maximizing the enterprise ecosystem’s reach while guaranteeing the highest level of data security and information privacy.


“We are truly excited about this Vmoso Keystone Release,” commented BroadVision CEO, Dr. Pehong Chen, Once again, we have pushed the digital workplace / business transformation envelope even farther, enabling the entire enterprise to work more smartly inside, engage customers more intimately outside, institutionalize valuable tacit knowledge from the origin, and together get more things done in significantly less time; generate more business value under considerably less cost.”


Learn more about these exciting new features in our summary video at http://www.broadvision.com/en/vmoso/whats-new-sept16



About Vmoso

Vmoso is a mobile-centric application platform for empowering digital business transformation, where knowledge management meets enterprise communication, collaboration, and engagement.  It unifies email, instant messaging, content sharing, workflow, and social networking into one integrated user experience, forming a single source of truth across a detailed corporate knowledge web, to significantly enhance both internal collaboration and external engagement, delivering substantial gains in both business velocity and value.


Visit www.BroadVision.com/Vmoso for more details.


About BroadVision

Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ: BVSN) provides e-business solutions that enable the enterprise and its employees, partners, and customers to stay actively engaged, socially co