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Vmoso Enterprise Tranformation (VET)

Vmoso Enterprise Transformation, or VET, is a proprietary implementation approach for the Vmoso collaborative solution. When you enroll in VET, our BroadVision Global Services representative will take you through a process of planning, establishing and refining your communication, collaboration and engagement practices. This is an iterative process to instill new habits and ways of working that supports the way you are currently working—it’s gradual transformation, not a dramatic shift. The result is an empowered and organized workforce, engaged and delighted customers, and a productive organization with an improved bottom line.

Set Diagram - Collaboration Tool
VET-diagram- Communication and Collaboration

Vmoso is designed for the way you work today, but in most cases the hardest part is getting started and dealing with the change in work habits required for successful implantation. Many employees remain wedded to working practices that discourage effective collaboration and impede the flow of information around the company, not to mention the possible risk to corporate data and assets.

However, Vmoso is specifically designed to work with all employees through its email transformation tools, whether they are Vmoso members or not.   More than just a technology implementation plan, the Vmoso program is designed to help your organization gradually transition to a new communication and collaboration paradigm, capturing and retaining corporate knowledge to help provide actionable insights and inform decision making.

Throughout the process, BroadVision is here to help you. We will schedule a series of meetings through the project where our consulting team will assist you with the planning, implementation and review of your business communication improvements. In between these meetings, you will have access to a dedicated shared space, powered by Vmoso. Here you’ll be able to find materials, support and assistance from BroadVision.

  1.  Once the strategy and plan has been set, the first step is to register on Vmoso, engaging all employees across the organization whether they work across the room, country or globe. This implementation provides employees with access to different collaboration spaces within Vmoso based on their email address, department or corporate structure.
  2. Training and guidance on best practices is included to enable your organization to improve your communication and collaboration practices while the Vmoso security settings prevent sensitive information from being transmitted to those who are unauthorized to see it.
  3. Finally, real work is enabled and completed within Vmoso, with tracking and reporting along the way to help you measure your continuous improvement.
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