BroadVision Launches Vmoso Collaborative Process Management Solution

By BroadVision on March 15, 2017

New platform redefines traditional business process management (BPM) in the context of mobile-centric and people-intensive activities for transforming both digital workplace internally and digital engagement externally

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 15, 2017 — BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN), a leading provider of mobile-centric platform for empowering digital enterprise transformation, where knowledge management unifies business communication, collaboration and engagement, today announced the addition of Collaborative Process Management (CPM) to its flagship Vmoso suite of solutions.

Whereas traditional business process management (BPM) tools excel at managing well-defined, rigid processes, they typically remain very PC/desktop-centric, suboptimal for today’s highly mobile workforce and customer base.  Moreover, they usually fall short in exception/interrupt-driven, people-intensive, and knowledge/decision-centric situations where extensive collaboration and communication are required.  From customer services departments to operations teams, from document reviews to field service organizations, almost every enterprise in the world has these collaborative processes, and often handles them inefficiently through email, instant messaging, file sharing, and numerous other tools/sources around any core BPM, causing serious knowledge fragmentation problems for the enterprise and significant waste of time and frustration for users.

Vmoso CPM is the first BPM solution that combines structured, semi-structured, and unstructured business processes in one go, offering users a seamless experience to conduct ad-hoc collaboration around well-orchestrated workflow by bringing accountability, continuity, and serendipity together to get the job done faster and better.  It empowers companies to introduce just the right amount of structure for their business processes, to be facilitated by agile and timely knowledge-based collaboration, rather than overtaken by a disorganized mess of email, IMs, and other fragmented activities.

Vmoso CPM is an open and extensible platform, which can be easily customized to meet every enterprise’s needs.  Each process is defined by 3 inter-related XML files for specifying its workflow, form, and language locales.  Once orchestrated into a process template, it can be provisioned by the enterprise under stringent security and access control, or shared peer-to-peer to other users for more ad-hoc use cases.  Through Vmoso Integration Bot (VIB), a process can be connected to any external content or data sources, including Internet of Things, for authentication, schema mapping, data input/output, location-based services, as well as action triggering on a bi-directional basis.

BroadVision CEO, Dr. Pehong Chen, commented that “Vmoso CPM is a truly innovative solution.  By integrating BPM, collaboration, and knowledge management into a holistic platform, it can help global companies accelerate their enterprise transformation across both their digital workplace internally and customer engagement externally, achieving unprecedented business velocity, agility, loyalty, and profitability.”

To learn more about how the solution may benefit to your business, please visit Vmoso CPM resource page and review Vmoso CPM use case video for more details.

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About Vmoso

Vmoso is a mobile-centric platform for empowering digital transformation, where knowledge management unifies enterprise communication, workplace collaboration, and business engagement.

  • It consolidates email, instant messaging, content sharing, workflow, social networking, and other enterprise data sources into an action-oriented universal activity stream, personalized for each user over a secure private cloud.
  • Such unified activities organically capture each user’s tacit knowledge at the source and automatically weave it into an elastic and self-perpetuating corporate knowledge web, preserving it as a single source of truth while eliminating all the costly fragmentation and confusing redundancy along the way.
  • Working smartly like this, it can significantly enhance internal collaboration and operating continuity as well as dramatically transform external engagement and customer experience, delivering substantial gains in both business velocity and value across the entire enterprise ecosystem.

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About BroadVision

Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ: BVSN) provides e-business solutions that enable the enterprise and its employees, partners, and customers to stay actively engaged, socially connected, and universally organized to achieve greater business results.  BroadVision® solutions—including Vmoso for digital business transformation and Clearvale for enterprise social networking—are available globally in the cloud via the Web and mobile applications.

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