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As Director of Digital Strategy at BroadVision, Richard Hughes brings extensive experience of understanding the way people work and how to apply pragmatic solutions to the communication problems faced by today’s organisations and their workforces. Combining visionary thinking with a firm grasp on reality, Richard specialises in developing and writing thought-leadership pieces on the key topics of the social enterprise, digital transformation and knowledge management.His experience on these subjects makes him a sought-after speaker at events as well as an advisor to corporations regarding strategies towards better management of the wealth of internal knowledge often hidden in an organisation, as well as better engagement of employees, customers and partners.

Vmoso 지식 맵

기업들이 디지털 트랜스포메이션 프로젝트들을 시작하면서 모든 사람들이 필요한 정보에 신속히 접근할 수 있고, 회사 내 다른 사람들과 새로운 지식을 효율적으로 공유할 수 있는 것이 아주 중요해졌습니다. 갤럭시는 Vmoso를 사용하여 그들의 공동의 지식을 획득하고, 유지하고, 체계화 합니다.