The social network for business that helps you get real work done.

Clearvale is the social network for business, where transparency and accountability mean real work gets done. Organizations use the Clearvale integrated social platform to engage with employees, customers, and business partners to share knowledge, create relationships, crowd-source ideas, and improve business efficiency through collaboration in online communities and networks.

Clearvale is fully customizable and enables companies to unlock true business potential by empowering participants to:

  • Workflow management
     Track – business processes, sources of knowledge, and adoption
  • Employee and customer engagement
     Engage –colleagues, partners, and customers
  • null
    Share –anytime, with anyone, and on any device

Because working socially is about more than adopting a social platform—it is a means to an end in improving business performance—the Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation (SET) program provides the best practices, training and guidance you need to successfully transition to a social enterprise using Clearvale.

Clearvale Enterprise is available as a standalone network for use with either internal or external members. Alternatively, Clearvale can be configured as a ‘Hybrid’ network for both internal members and invited (external) guests to allow all participants from different organizations to collaborate seamlessly and securely in a single network.

Clearvale also provides the ability to connect several separate but related networks together in a social ecosystem. A social ecosystem is a network of networks, allowing you to control content sharing and access for a variety of different groups to reflect real business relationships and improve company performance.



Experton Group AG “Social Business Rising Star”

BroadVision is recognized as a “Social Business Rising Star” in the Experton Group’s Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2014 report. BroadVision is awarded this status for the Clearvale® enterprise social networking solution based on its functional scope, extensibility, go-to-market strategy, and customer target segment approach.