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With customers representing a broad range of sectors, verticals, and geographies, BroadVision is changing the way business is done on the Web. A long-time leader in e-commerce and portal solutions, today we're enabling businesses to manage their entire business ecosystems over the Web, on the "social business cloud."


Aeroxchange is a large, global supply chain conducting business in several languages and across multiple time zones. They needed a collaboration platform that is easy to maintain, exists in the cloud and would allow them to create multiple networks, each with its own needs regarding privacy and security.

Using BroadVision Clearvale, Aeroxchange has seen a boost in the quality of specs generated within several design communities, the ability to stimulate vibrant information-sharing across different groups, and the ability to collaborate on complex timelines set by airlines in the ecosystem.

About Aeroxchange

Aeroxchange provides supply chain collaboration solutions to maximize efficiency across the complex aviation supply chain. As an open, neutral platform, it provides a seamless means for electronic commerce and procurement solutions between the world's largest airlines and suppliers within the industry. For more information about Aeroxchange, visit

"For some time, we've understood that a social networking solution might provide the foundation for future development and expanded collaboration. But we had a few tough requirements. First, the network would need to be hosted in the cloud providing security and worldwide availability. Second, the platform would need to be DIY (do-it-yourself), so as to minimize the learning curve and time-to-market. Finally, the platform would need to enable us to easily navigate across a network of both public and private groups, because that reflects the way business is done in our world. Clearvale met all three requirements. We are only six months into this project, and already we are seeing results across the ecosystem." — Al Koszarek, President and CEO of Aeroxchange