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Clearvale is the social network for business, where transparency and accountability mean real work gets done. It enables companies to unlock true business potential by empowering employees to:

Research from respected organisations such as McKinsey Global Institute has regularly shown that social collaboration delivers real value and business benefits such as:

  • Unlocking knowledge and driving innovation
  • Driving faster, more informed decision-making
  • Connecting and engaging distributed/mobile teams
  • Accelerating sales cycles
  • Making employees more productive and engaged

Yet many social business projects fail to gain wide adoption. There are many reasons for failure - no adoption plan, reluctant employees, no alignment with business goals. So while the choice of business social network is important, it must come with a plan. Only Clearvale by BroadVision brings you both.

To ensure a successful project, our Clearvale Social Enterprise Transformation (SET) program provides the guidance you need to plan and deliver your project, plus the adoption best practices and metrics to ensure your Clearvale network thrives and supports real business processes.

"QuickLogic had been searching for a way to answer many important questions facing our business: how do we increase our collaboration and communication across our teams; what is the most efficient approach towards combining multiple data storage locations; and how do with do this all in a single tool? BroadVision's Clearvale allowed us to answer all of these questions, along with providing many additional benefits we are just starting to realize. Our only regret so far has been not adopting the tool sooner." — Paul Karazuba, Senior Marketing Manager at QuickLogic

— BroadVision CEO, Pehong Chen, discusses Enterprise Social Networking with Geoffrey Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm

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