Announcing the CSA Winners

By BroadVision on January 11, 2012

Awhile back we had a contest, asking our customers: how has Clearvale helped you and your company? The purpose of the contest was to better understand how our customers are using Clearvale and what we can do to improve it. We picked our favorites from the first round of written responses and asked them to send us a video based on their submission. Entertaining, thoughtful and educational, the videos were fun to watch and really helped us understand all of the different ways Clearvale is helping people and organizations get work done.

We’re grateful for all of the hard work the entrants put into this contest and are very happy to announce the winners of the Clearvale Success Awards (in alphabetical order):

Gemeente Tilburg
A municipality in the Netherlands that manages the City of Tilburg as well as providing support for the surrounding towns and villages within the wider region of Brabant. Using Clearvale, Gemeente Tilburg has seen increased collaboration among businesses, the public and government organizations. It has also proven useful in their “Twinning” work with the Same District in Tanzania, in which the two municipalities share knowledge and collaborate on projects.

Gruppo Reti
An Italian IT consulting agency with more than 160 certified IT professionals, Gruppo Reti covers four main areas: business solutions, infrastructure and networking, business analysis and project management, and home and building automation. Using Clearvale, they have seen an increase in company performance and better collaboration and knowledge sharing among departments and employees.

People Tree Education Society
People Tree Education Society in India helps create new entrepreneurs. Relying on an active, participatory approach to education, PTeS connects students with industry professionals. With Clearvale, they have created Virtual Campus, a user-friendly site that is attractive and easy to navigate. Student and faculty are able to share notes, upload exam papers, and stay up to date with news and events.

TechTree IT Systems
Specializing in building high-performance business applications for mid-market companies in the Asia-Pacific region, TechTree IT Systems is a growing company that is adding customers, partners and employees at a rapid pace. Clearvale has helped their large, mobile, geographically dispersed workforce to coordinate their efforts working towards new leads who are often on the move themselves.

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, QuickLogic provides semiconductor solutions to handheld consumer device manufacturers. Using a Clearvale network for internal collaboration, QuickLogic now has a centralized location for marketing materials, meetings minutes, design files and more. Employees in the field can easily share and retrieve information, helping them quickly respond to customer issues.

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