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As Director of Digital Strategy at BroadVision, Richard Hughes brings extensive experience of understanding the way people work and how to apply pragmatic solutions to the communication problems faced by today’s organisations and their workforces. Combining visionary thinking with a firm grasp on reality, Richard specialises in developing and writing thought-leadership pieces on the key topics of the social enterprise, digital transformation and knowledge management. His experience on these subjects makes him a sought-after speaker at events as well as an advisor to corporations regarding strategies towards better management of the wealth of internal knowledge often hidden in an organisation, as well as better engagement of employees, customers and partners.

Enterprise Digital Summit, London

BroadVision are proud to be sponsoring the Enterprise Digital Summit in London on November 23rd/24th. I’ll be speaking on the 24th about how organisations can address the way their business communication is becoming more and more fragmented across incompatible services and tools.

In advance of that, I spoke to Bjoern Negelmann of Kongress Media and described BroadVision’s perspective on the current state of social collaboration and digital transformation initiatives.


Vmoso Process Management

The Galaxy Corporation are longstanding users of Vmoso for collaboration and communication inside, outside and between their various subsidiary companies. They have recently started using Vmoso Process Management to ensure that this collaboration is more structured where appropriate, but still gives their employees the flexibility they need to do their work.

Device Independence

Mobile has changed the way we work. But for many knowledge workers, it’s not a seamless experience.

Vmoso is “people first”, and recognises that deskbound workers and mobile workers are equally important. Both desktop and mobile apps need feature parity – whatever you can do with one, you need to be able to do with the other.

Vmoso vs Email

Love it or hate it, email forms a major part of most knowledge workers’ communication. But few people still believe it’s the best tool for business communication and collaboration. In this video, we’ll take a look at the main problems with email, and how Vmoso addresses them.

Vmoso + Pepper + Watson

Pepper robots and Watson cognitive systems can help doctors to handle patients and make their hospital visits faster and nicer. Add Vmoso to the mix, and the patient stays connected with the hospital, preparing his visit, getting any visit data, and engaging with the hospital, from his smartphone.

Vmoso vs Group Chat

If you’ve become increasingly frustrated with email as your main business communication tool, you’ve probably looked at using a group chat tool like Slack, Hipchat, Facebook for Work, WeChat or Line. But if you’ve used any of these for any length of time, you’ll have realized that not only do they fail to address many of email’s problems, they introduce new problems of their own. In this video, we’ll take a look at how Vmoso addresses the most common problems people see with group chat tools.