Vmoso: Mobile-centric platform for empowering digital enterprise transformation

No longer do you have to use multiple, disorganized and unconnected tools: Vmoso brings together short and long form communication, content sharing, workflow and social networking all in one place with enterprise data security and access controls built in. It captures and cross-references the knowledge generated in discussions between employees, business partners and customers, and retains it for future use.

Acquiring and retaining corporate knowledge is not an afterthought and many corporate initiatives run into the same old obstacles; there is no single source of the truth. Vast quantities of corporate knowledge are stuck and replicated in email messages, chat tools, local or cloud storage and other communication silos. Even worse, it ends up trapped in personal phones with the risk of data and knowledge becoming lost to the organization and, in effect, garbage. Preserving the single source of truth and using it to drive decision-making and to underpin business continuity is the key to success in the digital economy.

Download the whitepaper to discover the 7 key habits to turn your corporate ‘Big Garbage’ into corporate ’Big Knowledge’ and take the first critical step on your Digital Transformation journey.

Vmoso from Broadvision